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About Drake House Moving and Foundation Repair


B.J. DRAKE HOUSE MOVING SERVICING THE HOUSTON AREA FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY. We've moved houses and buildings for area residents and for many of the major companies and railroads throughout the Houston Area. We have assisted many of the families in the Houston and surrounding counties by raising and leveling their homes that were damages by the Houston/Galveston floods.


Our service area is within a 70-80 mile radius of Houston. We can raise homes that have been flooded anywhere from one to ten feet. We furnish and replace block and base foundations that have rotted or damaged materials.


A tradition of house moving excellence dated back to the late 1800's when Christopher Columbus Newton , our great grandfather, started moving houses. He began by building bridges and moving heavy equipment with the aid of his two mules Dick and Tom. Mules were used until the first trucks were in service.


Our focus changed during WWII when we helped build barges and even ships for to support the war efforts. After the war we went back into the home moving business. We will treat you like Family. You have likely heard the old adage: "No two people are exactly alike" we believe no two clients are exactly alike. We are a 5 generation family owned business that treats our clients the way we would like to be treated. The 5th generation of the Drake Family hopes we can be of service to you. You work hard for your money and we will work hard for you.


For your complimentary estimate and details on how we can give you cost-effective moving solutions, email us today at or use the convenient contact form found at the top of this page. Or, for quicker service, just give us a call.


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